Comparing San Martin's SN034-G-A Quartz and SN058-G-X Automatic Wristwatches

San Martin SN034-G-A · Quartz Wristwatch

The San Martin SN034-G-A is a stylish and reliable quartz wristwatch with a sleek design. It features a quartz movement for accurate timekeeping and a durable stainless steel case. The watch is water-resistant and suitable for daily wear.

San Martin SN058-G-X · Automatic Wristwatch

The San Martin SN058-G-X is an automatic wristwatch with a classic design. It is powered by an automatic movement that winds itself with the motion of the wearer's wrist. The watch has a stainless steel case and a sapphire crystal for added durability.

Comparison of Attributes

  • Movement: The SN034-G-A has a quartz movement, while the SN058-G-X has an automatic movement.
  • Design: The SN034-G-A has a sleek design, whereas the SN058-G-X has a classic design.
  • Material: Both watches feature stainless steel cases for durability.
  • Water Resistance: The SN034-G-A is water-resistant, making it suitable for daily wear. The water resistance of the SN058-G-X may vary depending on the model.


Both the San Martin SN034-G-A quartz wristwatch and the San Martin SN058-G-X automatic wristwatch have their unique features and appeal to different preferences. Whether you prefer the accuracy of a quartz movement or the classic charm of an automatic watch, San Martin offers a variety of options to suit your style.

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