Comparing San Martin SN108-G2 and SN026-G-B: A Detailed Wristwatch Review

Comparison of San Martin SN108-G2 and San Martin SN026-G-B

Case Material

San Martin SN108-G2: Stainless steel case

San Martin SN026-G-B: Titanium case


San Martin SN108-G2: Automatic movement

San Martin SN026-G-B: Automatic movement

Water Resistance

San Martin SN108-G2: 100 meters water resistance

San Martin SN026-G-B: 200 meters water resistance

Dial Color

San Martin SN108-G2: Black dial

San Martin SN026-G-B: Blue dial


San Martin SN108-G2: $$$

San Martin SN026-G-B: $$


Both the San Martin SN108-G2 and SN026-G-B are high-quality automatic wristwatches with different features and price points. The SN026-G-B offers higher water resistance and a titanium case compared to the SN108-G2, making it a great choice for diving enthusiasts. However, the SN108-G2 has a stylish black dial and stainless steel case which may appeal to those looking for a more classic look.

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