Exploring San Martin Watches: SN034-Q-C Quartz vs SN026-G-AH Automatic

San Martin Watches Comparison

Comparison of San Martin Watches

San Martin SN034-Q-C - Quartz Wristwatch

This model features a reliable quartz movement, making it accurate and low-maintenance.

Price: $200

San Martin SN026-G-AH - Automatic Wristwatch

This watch is equipped with an automatic movement, offering a traditional watch experience with self-winding capability.

Price: $300


  • The SN034-Q-C utilizes a quartz movement, while the SN026-G-AH has an automatic movement.
  • Price-wise, the SN026-G-AH is more expensive than the SN034-Q-C.


  • Both watches are designed by San Martin, known for their high-quality timepieces.
  • They both offer durable stainless steel cases that ensure longevity.
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