Exploring the San Martin SN079-G and SN006-G2: A Comparative Review

Comparison of San Martin SN079-G and San Martin SN006-G2 Automatic Wristwatches


  • Both watches are automatic, eliminating the need for battery changes.
  • They both feature a durable stainless steel case for longevity.
  • Both models come with a sapphire crystal, known for its scratch-resistant properties.


  • The SN079-G has a larger case size of 40mm compared to the 38mm case size of the SN006-G2.
  • San Martin SN079-G offers a GMT function, allowing for tracking of an additional timezone, while the SN006-G2 does not have this feature.
  • The SN006-G2 has a water resistance of 200 meters, making it suitable for more adventurous water activities compared to the SN079-G with 100 meters water resistance.
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