San Martin SN084-G vs SN052-G-JS-2: An In-Depth Comparison of Two Automatic Watches

Comparison of San Martin SN084-G vs San Martin SN052-G-JS-2 Automatic Wristwatches


  • Both watches are automatic wristwatches
  • Both models are from the renowned San Martin brand
  • Water-resistant with a similar depth rating
  • Stainless steel construction for durability


  • The SN084-G model features a black dial, while the SN052-G-JS-2 has a blue dial
  • Different case sizes and shapes
  • Variations in dial designs and color accents
  • Variances in bracelet styles and materials
  • Different movement mechanisms may result in varying accuracy


When choosing between the San Martin SN084-G and SN052-G-JS-2, consider your style preferences, size comfort, and dial aesthetics. Both watches offer excellent quality and performance, so choose the one that best fits your personal taste and requirements.

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