The Showdown: San Martin SN030-G2 vs SN068-G V2 Wristwatches Detailed

Comparison of San Martin SN030-G2 and San Martin SN068-G V2 Automatic Wristwatches


  • Both watches are automatic and do not require battery changes.
  • They both feature high-quality stainless steel cases for durability.
  • Both watches come with sapphire crystal for scratch resistance.


  • The SN030-G2 has a more classic design with a black dial and silver-tone hands and markers, while the SN068-G V2 features a sportier design with a blue dial and luminous hands and markers.
  • The SN030-G2 has a water resistance of 200 meters, while the SN068-G V2 is water-resistant up to 100 meters.
  • The SN030-G2 has a date display function, which the SN068-G V2 lacks.

Both watches are excellent choices for watch enthusiasts, but your preference may depend on whether you prefer a classic or a sportier design, and the importance of water resistance and date display in your selection.

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